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Final Expense

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Why Should you Start Prefunding Now?

More and more people are making the decision to prefund their funeral arrangements. Prefunding is setting aside funds today, at today's prices, so you can be certain the money will be there to pay for your services in the future. Funeral costs, like many other valuable services, increase over time and are expected to continue to increase significantly over the next decade. In fact, funeral related expenses have nearly tripled over the past 25 years.

Benefits to prefunding your funeral:

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The Rising Cost of Funerals

Top 10 Reasons to Prefund Your Funeral
1 Protect Your Loved Ones - By making funding plans in advance, you avoid placing a financial burden on your family and friends.
2 Protect Your Loved Ones - take comfort in knowing that your funeral expenses are taken care of.
3 Exempt Assets - The plan may be considered an excluded asset in order to qualify for Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
4 Flexibility - Your beneficiaries will be able to use the funds to pay for funeral costs or other final expenses, such as medical bills and other debts.
5 Fund Value Increases Over Time - When you set aside funds in advance, the death benefit increases at a predictable growth rate, similar to a savings account.
6 Make Tax Time Easier - By transferring funds from an investment such as a certificate of deposit (CD) or money market account, you don't have to worry about taxation on growth or 1099 forms.
7 A Program for Everyone - Your agent has a plan that will fit your needs in terms of payment options and health conditions.
8 Consumer Friendly - Any funds left over after paying your funeral costs will be returned to either you or your beneficiaries or your estate, depending on your plan.
9 30-Day Free Look - If you should change your mind, you have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.
10 Solid Program, Solid Decision - Advance planning is endorsed by attorneys, trust officers and financial professionals as an effective way to provide for final expenses and preserve your assets for your beneficiaries.

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