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In 2013, of the US population with Disabilities, 51.9% were ages 18-64.

How will you take care of your family if you become disabled?

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Disability Insurance

If you’re healthy and happy today, the possibility of becoming disabled may seem unthinkable. Yet, over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire. One disabling accident or sickness could cause enough complications that you’re unable to work.

Covered health events also include:

This is where we can help. We offer disability insurance as a way to back up part of your income. If a disability happens and you’re unable to work, Affiniti Financial can offer you disability income insurance plans that provide you with a tax-free check. You can receive this check for up to five years depending on your coverage. Use it to pay for things like utilities, food, car payments, or health care expenses.

According to 2013 data, the median earnings of US civilians with disabilities ages 16 and over was $20,785, about two-thirds of the median earnings of people without disabilities ($30,728).

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A disability not only prevents cash from flowing in, but it can also drain money from your savings. The table below is a sample table of how you can determine your disability income insurance needs.

Current IncomeExample
Monthly, before Taxes$5,207.00
Monthly ExpensesExample
Housing (mortgage, rent, utilities, etc.)$1,380.00
Transportation (car, vacation, etc.)$640.00
Food (groceries, eating out, etc.)$511.00
Insurance & Pensions (life, health, car, etc.)$448.00
Health care (medical expenses, etc.)$263.00
Apparel and services$142.00
Everything else (education, etc.)$472.00
Taxes (SS, Medicare, Income)$1,142.00
Monthly Expenses Total$5,207.00
Monthly Income Available If DisabledExample
Current wages$0.00
Income from current group disability coverage$0.00
Income from spouse or other family members$2,500.00
Investment income$0.00
Monthly Income Total If Disabled$0.00
Monthly Income Shortfall If Disabled-$2,707.00
Disability Benefit (≤ 60%4 of income)$3,000.00

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