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At Affiniti Insurance Solutions, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed health decisions that match your lifestyle and budget. With access to several plans and individualized customer service, our commitment is to help you find the right coverage plan for you and your family. We are dedicated to help you reach your health and wellness goals while keeping you within your budget and will assist you in determining if you qualify to save on your premiums or out of pocket expenses.

We are a Full Service insurance agency with more than 10 years experience that focuses on our client’s needs. We offer Major Medical, Short Term Major Medical, Medicare Supplements, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and a wide array of Accident, Critical Illness, Emergency Care programs, and much more.

We are committed to making certain you have the coverage you want and need.

The Choice Is Yours

Nations Insurance Solutions is available nationally in 50 states. Count on us to assist you in finding the right fit for you and your family.

*not all policies are available in every state. Please contact one of our agents to check if the policy you are looking into is attainable in the state you live in.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Knowing that I couldn’t afford Cobra with two little kids and a mortgage and car payments, etc. I was fortunate to get ahold of Nations. Not only did they find me a plan that worked for my budget and kids, but they also followed up with me to make sure things were okay with the policy

Jessica L. Andersen

What Our Clients Have to Say

Thank you so very much Marc & God bless you & the company you work I hope you have a very beautiful life :-)

Vicky Golden

What Our Clients Have to Say

We really appreciated Andres time during the whole process. He was so nice and very helpful! Our family is now able to have healthcare coverage for a great price! Thank you so much Andres and thank you Obamacare!

Suzanne Askar

What Our Clients Have to Say

This is to thank you personally for helping me get enrolled. I would like to tell you that Ivan Richman went above and beyond for me last night and today. He's my angel. I appreciate all the effort put forth for me.

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NATIONS Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We believe in the value and importance of the insurance business and its future, and that the Independent Insurance Agents plays a critical role in serving consumers throughout the insurance process.

We support the Independent Agency System, which has developed insurance to be a fundamental component in the economic fabric of our nation, and we pledge to support right principles and oppose bad practices in the insurance business.

We respect the importance of the relationship between Independent Insurance Agents and the public, insurance companies, and other Independent Insurance Agents, and believe that the rights of the client are paramount.

To The Public

We believe that serving the public, as an Independent Insurance Agent is an honorable occupation, affording us a special opportunity to serve society and offer valuable insurance products and services to the public.

We believe that as an Independent Insurance Agent, we are serving the interests of our clients by responding to their expressed insurance needs.

We will strive to further the public's understanding of insurance, endeavor to promote safety and loss control in our community, and strive to participate in civic and philanthropic activities that contribute to our community.

To the Insurance Companies We Represent

We will respect the authority vested in us by the insurance companies we represent, and work to maintain open lines of communication with them.

To Other Independent Insurance Agents

We will strive to maintain positive relations with other insurance agencies in our community, competing with them on an honorable and fair basis.

We will follow all insurance laws relative to the conduct of our business.

We will work with other Independent Insurance Agents for the betterment of the insurance business, and endeavor to elevate the standards of my occupation by following this Code of Ethics and encouraging other Independent Insurance Agents to act likewise.

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